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Of all of the aspects of the Feldenkrais Method I could talk about, the foundation of my philosophy is the importance of observing details – with a neutral curiosity. As you move, something specific will catch my attention. Together we follow the clue of this detail wherever it leads. In this way, patterns of movement are revealed that you may experience as joint or muscle pain, or difficulty of movement. These details can also be employed as a means to shift the pattern away from difficulty to increasing ease and strength in movement. My role is to simultaneously establish a connection with you while guiding you to a place where you can connect with yourself and achieve this pattern shift. Through our work, you will not only discover new possibilities of movement, but also experience a new model for learning and, eventually, for living your life to the fullest.

That is the essence of The Feldenkrais Method. It is a kind of dance that we explore together. You come to me with some need, pain or difficulty. In a judgment-free environment, I use my hands, my training, my knowledge of movement, and my creativity to instill in you a mindful awareness and in-depth understanding of the way you move. This leads to the seemingly magical results of reduced pain, increased skills and a vitality that comes from learning something truly new.

To learn something truly new requires getting more comfortable with a temporary stage of not knowing. This can be a challenge for many of us because we can sometimes feel like a failure or an idiot when we realize, "I haven't a clue how to do this." The Feldenkrais Method offers an opportunity to shift out of that overly critical mindset into a simple, non-judgmental awareness – that it's OK to be "clueless." And by asking yourself the question, "I wonder if there's a better, easier way to jump, or stir this batter, or approach a vocal problem," you will create an opening for active exploration and the discovery of a new solution. It's a lot like how, at the beginning of life, the connections in the brain and nervous system of a baby are created not by using the intellect to process information, but by moving, doing and interacting with their surroundings and family. Unfortunately many of us put that kind of learning and knowing behind us when we go to school, trading it in for intellectual and social learning. But when we disconnect from this body-based, internally-directed, sensory way of learning, a host of difficulties – emotional, physical and interpersonal – arise.

Through the Feldenkrais Method, I invite you to give your intellectual taskmaster a rest and explore once again the language of your body, as you haven't since you were an infant. With my help, you will re-awaken your instinctual mind and begin to trust your body's ability to learn through action. This learning opens the door – to relief of pain and stress, and to the removal of the self-imposed obstacles that have been holding you back from living the life you were born to live.

Words cannot really describe the experience of a Feldenkrais lesson – you have to try it and find out for yourself.
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