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Your presentation was amazing; you communicated so much in such a short time -- you are indeed one of the very rare presenters who never loses her/his audience. In the four days of teaching that followed your class, virtually every student voluntarily commented on how your (or the Feldenkrais) way of thinking and of experiencing the body influenced their practicing. Having Monday evening's experience as common ground also made it much easier for me as a teacher; rather than introducing an idea that was completely new, all I had to do was refer to something the students had already tried under your guidance. Both for the students and for myself, there is no way to thank you enough for the thoughtfulness and skill you brought to your Monday night presentation. Everyone seemed to feel comfortable trying out the floor exercises -- it is a huge tribute to the atmosphere you established. Looking forward to the next chapter, whatever that may be!
Heidi Castelman, Viola faculty - The Juilliard School
Maxine’s work with me illumined the path to an optimally performing body via the Feldenkrais method. Working with her liberated me from the unconscious posturing so typical of opera singers and opened up a new field of body language to me both in my daily life and my work on the stage. Working with Maxine has also heightened my own sensitivity to aid in freeing resistance and limitations in my students. I greatly appreciate her way of presenting material in a clear, concise, and nurturing manner.
Barbara Smith Conrad, opera singer and voice teacher
Before my private lessons with Maxine Davis, I had general anxiety about public speaking and knew that I wasn't performing at my best in meetings and speaking in front of large forums. Maxine's lessons truly helped me to become "comfortable in my own skin" through her special blend of the Feldenkrais Method and her unique personal wisdom. The lessons were one of the best investments I have ever made in terms of time and expense in helping me express myself effectively as a public speaker.
Katherine Tegen, publishing professional and author
Maxine is great. I have worked with her multiple times, usually in the setting of an acute problem like back pain, and have known others whom she has helped over the last 17 years. She has an extraordinary talent through touch and intuition for solving problems. She brings experience, practicality and a keen clinical sense to her work. She is a wonderful healer and I would recommend her particularly to those who have had a frustrating time achieving a sense of physical well being.
Elizabeth White, M.D.
Four years ago I couldn't sit or sleep. Pain from sciatica was the diagnosis. After three years with Maxine, one-on-one and in a weekly class, I have transformed not only how I move but also the emotional attitudes and physical habits that contributed to the pain. My daughter remarked on my improved posturethe visual expression of my internal changes.
Jane Prussack, age 73
Through the Feldenkrais Method, Maxine has shown me how to become aware of, and subsequently free, many areas of tension in my body. My work with her has reduced the neck pain and stiffness that bothered me for years. My body works more efficiently now, I have better range of motion, my singing has improved. Maxine is an outstanding teacher and practitioner in every way: she is experienced, gentle, sensitive, flexible, knowledgeable, perceptive, and clear. I recommend her with great enthusiasm.
Lillian Redl, singer