Live fully.
Move easily.
Perform confidently.

— Maxine Davis

We will use the Feldenkrais Method® to help you achieve:

Fuller, more joyful physical movement with less pain

Better body mechanics for performing with grace and power

Awakened inner vitality for a bigger, more spontaneous life

Meet Maxine

I came to the Feldenkrais Method® as a singer, frustrated at a certain level of achievement, and as a person with a history of physical pain. During my first Functional Integration® lesson (the hands-on, one-on-one version of the Feldenkrais Method), I experienced an enormous emotional shift to a sense of possibility, hope and well-being. Oddly, I had never realized how depressed I felt until I experienced “the sun coming out.”

And once you feel the sun coming out, you want to share it with others!

You can read my complete bio here or listen to this interview … but this isn’t about me.

I’m much more interested in learning more about you!

Is the Feldenkrais Method® for you?

Most often I work with people who are open to trying something new because nothing else has helped them. 

People come to me for help with:

  • Relieving back or joint pain
  • Stepping into a higher level of performance or athletic accomplishment
  • Finding a stronger voice in the world
  • Moving beyond criticism for not “being” in their body when they sing or perform
  • Adding movement as part of the process for dealing with trauma, sometimes at a therapist’s suggestion
  • Unlocking a new path forward when feeling “stuck” in life

This method changes the way you move through your day. Over the years, as your nervous system creates its own ways of protecting you, unintended habits and compensations often get in the way. Most of us don’t even realize that we’ve unintentionally limited ourselves. 

I most want to…

Is there something that you find particularly challenging? Or a primary reason that brought you here today?

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Relieve Chronic Pain

I can help. People of all ages dealing with “mysterious” pain come to me every day.

As you learn to slow down and tune in doing this method, the nervous system starts to calm down. When that happens, everything calms down including the pain. 

Send me an email to see if this approach can help or learn more on my FAQ page.

Sing or Perform Better

I help everyone from beginners to experienced performers who are stuck, as well as anyone looking to express themselves more fully with their “voice.” You’ll learn to use the soft palate, tongue, jaw and breath as they were meant to be used. As you connect with your body and come into the moment, nervousness fades. 

Send me an email to see if this approach can help or learn more on my FAQ page.

Improve my Posture & Alignment

Movement is the main entry point for this practice. As we work together, you develop a self-awareness that improves your sense of being connected to your body and the world around you. This revitalizes the way you carry yourself and the way you move through life.

Send me an email to see if this approach can help or learn more on my FAQ page.

I Just Want to Feel Better

Emotional and physical resilience are big benefits of doing this work. You’ll give your intellectual taskmaster a rest by exploring the language of your body as you haven’t since you were an infant. This kind of learning can help address the body image disconnections that can come from early trauma. Together, we’ll remove self-imposed obstacles that prevent you from living your best life.

Send me an email to see if this approach can help or learn more on my FAQ page.


The Feldenkrais Method® is presented in two formats: Awareness through Movement® (ATM) and Functional Integration® (FI). All lessons are non-judgmental, non-competitive and self-directed so that you progress at your own pace. You are encouraged to connect with a sense of who you are, what you want and how you can thrive in a complex, ever-changing world. 

Learn online or in person

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Functional Integration® (FI)

This is a private, one-on-one, hands-on session tailored to your individual needs. I also now work on Zoom. As a person who uses touch, it’s been amazing to find that I can give very effective lessons virtually. My practice now includes people in the San Juan Islands, WA, Texas, North Carolina and Europe.

Awareness Through Movement® (ATM)

Students in the group class are led through a series of verbally directed and carefully structured movement sequences involving the body and the imagination. There are hundreds of lessons done in a variety of positions (lying down, sitting, standing) which help you develop the safe, effective and powerful use of your whole being. These classes are offered in person and are also effective virtually on Zoom.

Voice Lessons

To strengthen your development as a singer or speaker, I also offer private voice lessons informed by the Feldenkrais Method®. The doors it opened for my own vocal refinement as a professional singer give me tools to help others master the often elusive co-ordinations required in the musical arts.

Feldenkrais Method® Mentorship

I am happy to support you as a coach or mentor on anything relating to your practice or your own development. This can be a one-time session or a series of consults that help support you as a practitioner.

Private Workshops and Engagements

I’ve offered workshops at the Juilliard School, Duke University Voice, Piano and Dance Departments, UNC at Greensboro, NC, and many workshops at SUNY at Fredonia. I’m also a guest teacher at the Voice Department of the School of Music at the Chautauqua Institution. Let me know if you’d like a special class or workshop created for your group.

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