About Maxine

Many people try The Feldenkrais Method® because an obstacle keeps them from moving, performing or living in a way that they want. I came to it as a singer, frustrated at a certain level of achievement, and as a person with a history of physical pain.

During my first Functional Integration® lesson (the hands on, one-on-one version of the Feldenkrais Method), I experienced an enormous emotional shift to a sense of possibility, hope and well-being. Oddly, I had never realized how depressed I felt until I experienced “the sun coming out.”

I took many more lessons and Awareness Through Movement® classes (verbally-guided group classes) before I decided to become a Feldenkrais practitioner and joined the New York Training in 1987. Over those years I experienced viscerally and emotionally the possibilities of our human nervous system and brain to reorganize, now referred to as neuroplasticity. As I went through the training, my joints changed. I literally got taller, gaining an inch and a half in height. More importantly, I began to rediscover the curious, bright and creative self that had been obscured by my life experiences and other people’s expectations.

At the same time I created a new way of thinking about what it means to learn and refine motor skills. Instead of “No pain, No gain” (or “learning is hard work and requires effort”), I discovered that “less is more,” and that mindful exploration, even imagining movements, is much more effective.

With my background as a singer and pianist, as well as my training in the Feldenkrais Method, I have developed a creative and intuitive approach to working with my students. I help a wide range of people, from those in their 80’s and 90’s dealing with balance and pain issues, to people of all ages with back pain and various “itis’s.” I work with singers, musicians, actors and performers who are stuck technically or creatively. I can also help those who have disassociated from their bodies, after physical or emotional trauma, reconnect and “come home.”

The common thread is my ability to connect in a creative dance that may have body mechanics and movement as its central theme, but always includes the feeling, thinking, and creative human being that is you.

In New York, I’ve worked with singers from the Lindemann program at the Metropolitan Opera, teach classes at The 92nd St. Y, and offer private Feldenkrais lessons and classes as well as voice lessons informed by the Feldenkrais approach to learning. During the summer, I work with the singers enrolled in Marlena Malas’s voice program at Chautauqua Institution, where I also offer classes through their Special Studies Program.

Thanks to Zoom, my practice has expanded to people from Washington to Texas to Massachusetts who want to explore the many benefits of the Feldenkrais Method. 

I hold a Bachelor of Music Education and Master of Music in Performance from SUNY at Fredonia College, received a Fulbright-Hayes Fellowship, and am a 1991 graduate of the NY Feldenkrais Professional Training Program.